About Us

How did it all begin?

Welcome to TheCandledust, a family-owned business founded by Merilin and Marko. We are a rapidly growing global company that specializes in producing hand-made candles. What started as a passion for creating beautiful and environmentally friendly candles has become a revolution in the candle-making industry.

The Candledust is more than just a candle brand – it’s a tale of creativity, coziness, and self-expression.

Candles crafted by The Candledust are aimed at individuals who enjoy DIY, design, uniqueness, and appreciate high-quality, natural wax scented candles. They seek ways to make their homes cozy and cherish personalized, one-of-a-kind items, like the candles they create themselves.

What makes The Candledust unique is their ability to provide candle wax powder, allowing customers to create candles exactly as they like. This gives them the opportunity to imbue their candles with character and reuse them by refilling used glasses with The Candledust powder. Additionally, the brand uses high-quality fragrance oils IFRA certified, ensuring a safe and pleasant olfactory experience for ultra-sensitive individuals. What sets The Candledust apart is not only their ability to provide candle wax powder but also the greater fire safety offered by their candles. Due to the loose nature of the powder, it extinguishes the flame itself if the candle were to topple over. Loose candle wax beads automatically smother the burning flame, thereby reducing fire hazards and ensuring greater home safety.

Behind the brand are creators Marko and Merilin, who aim to promote family business and advocate for recycling and creativity. Their story recounts how they found a solution to the problem of hypersensitivity to scents by experimenting with different scent and wax variations, ultimately arriving at The Candledust concept. They are pioneers and innovation leaders in the powder candle industry, offering customers the opportunity to design and reuse their own candles.

The personal experience of the brand’s creators with hypersensitivity to scents gives The Candledust an emotional connection. They understand the needs of their customers and provide a solution that not only offers a pleasant olfactory experience but also safety and convenience.

The Candledust is more than just candles – it’s a story of creativity, dedication, and sustainability that inspires people to make their homes cozier and express themselves through personalized handmade candles.