Get creative with Powder Candles: The ultimate lighting accessory for every room

Regular candles VS The Candledust candle​

Regular candles:

∙ Dirty vessels and wax stuck in vessel
∙ Unaesthethic look and a large amount of waste

The Candledust Candles:
∙ No waste – reuse the powder!
∙ Always a fresh look – replaceable wicks ensure your candle looks like new at all times.
∙ No candle soot – The Candledust won’t ruin your vessels.

Restaurants & cafe

The Candledust solves many issues cafes and restaurants face when using regular candles:
Decorative candles – cost a lot of money and reusing is not aesthetically pleasing.
Containers have to be thrown out.
Tea candles – affordable, but not elegant and do not fit with a refined interior.
Only last for a few hours.

Event planners & stylists​

How much time, money, and effort would you save if you didn’t have to clean out waxy vessels, if you didn’t have to throw out residual candles?

The Candledust is a one solution for all of the above. We offer bulk packaging up to 25 kg that have a burn time of ~6000 hours and include 320 wicks. One wick burntime is about 12h.


Many mass-produced candles are made with paraffin wax. When burned, they release toxic volatile organic compounds and may trigger allergies. 

Did you know that candles can soot on surrounding surfaces like walls, and ceilings?

The Candledust is plant-based and natural, this doesn’t smoke nor leave soot on surfaces. The Candledust candle is non-toxic, it’s best option for clients who get headaches or allergic reactions from candles.

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    Introducing the Candledust Candle - The Perfect Addition to Any Occasion!​

    Looking for a versatile and elegant candle that can be used for any event or occasion? Look no further than the Candledust Candle! Crafted from high-quality wax and available in a variety of colors and scents, the Candledust Candle is the perfect addition to any container, whether it’s a sleek modern vase or a rustic mason jar. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, planning a romantic evening in, or just looking to add a touch of ambiance to your home, the Candledust Candle is the perfect choice. Its long-lasting burn time and subtle yet sophisticated scent make it a must-have for any occasion. So why wait? Add the Candledust Candle to your collection today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality for yourself! 

    It is super easy to use!

    The Candledust candle brings out your creativity and allows it to soar to great heights.
    The Candledust candle is a natural candle wax in dust from. The Candledust is in essence as simple as 1-2-3!

    Choose a container that is non-flammable and has a diameter of at least 8 cm (then the melting candle wax will not stick to the container).
    Pour The Candledust into the container and insert the wick into the powder, leave the tip of the wick ~ 0.5 cm out. Light it and enjoy. 

    Why prefer powder candles to other candles?

    One of the most important advantages of a powder candle is that the possibilities to create a completely your “own” and personalized candle are practically endless. Of course, when creating a powder candle, you can use all kinds of other suitable holders, such as jars, old favourite cups or other dishes – the possibilities are endless. By creating your own candle, you can choose a candle case suitable for a particular room or situation. Candles with several wicks in large shallow containers look especially beautiful and magnificent, it is only necessary to note that the distance between the candle wicks should be not less than 8 centimeters. Of course, the containers you use as candle holders must be heat-resistant. With TheCandledust powder candles, you can create different interior items as often as every day – you will never get bored with a powder candle! To stimulate your imagination, TheCandledust offers a wide range of filling packs for powder candles scented with different notes. When creating your own candles, the garbage generated is minimal, and when making powder candles, we use only full-plant, eco-friendly candle wax.